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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Since 1985, the City has participated in the CDBG Program, which distributes federal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year. HUD, using a formula that accounts for population, poverty and the age and condition of the housing stock, determines the amount of funding available for the City and local community-based organizations to use toward projects and services within its boundaries.

The application period for organizations to request CDBG funds  usually runs from January to February each year.  On-line applications and application guidelines  will be made available at that time.  You are encouraged to contact the following person(s) throughout the year for information regarding projects or services that you may be seeking funding for in the coming year.
Joseph Wood, ManagerNeighborhood Services Division
City of Lodi Community Development Department
(209) 333-6800 ex 2467
Patrice Clemons , CDBG Specialist
Neighborhood Services Division
City of Lodi Community Development Department
(209) 333-6800 ex 3404

CDBG 2016-17 Action Plan Process

For the 2016-17 CDBG Program Year, the City of Lodi is moving to a new on-line grant application, management and reporting process through ZoomGrantsTM.  

The first step in this process is for you to create a new User Account on ZoomGrantsTM.  There is no cost to establish this User account and once established, you will have access to the 2016-17 CDBG application.
Just click the button below.

[Apply on ZoomGrantsTM]

The on-line application follows the same format as the original CDBG application that we have used for years. 

Instructions on creating your account and application are in the following PDF document: Instructions (PDF)
You can also find a video here:         http://youtu.be/4vKgUEcl6eA
and a slideshow here:  http://www.zoomgrants.com/welcome/applicantslideshow.pdf

If you have questions about using the website, you can call tech support at 866-323-5404 ext 2.  Support staff is on the desk M-F 8-5 Mountain (Denver)

If you have questions specific to Lodi’s CDBG Program or CDBG funding, please contact Joseph Wood or Patrice Clemons as indicated above.

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