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Weekly Update
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City Manager Steve Schwabauer's
Weekly Update
Friday, February 9, 2018 

Homeless: Officers from several law enforcement agencies, including Lodi, worked together on a large outreach program for the area’s homeless. Officers found approximately 45 people at one camp site north of the river east of Highway 99, which has shrunk by about two-thirds in recent months. Officer Ryan Holz estimates the homeless population in Lodi is now less than 100, compared to the approximately 150 when he began his outreach duties last year. In the meantime, Officer Richard Dunfee is assisting Officer Holz and will assume his duties during vacation or days off. Officers retrieved 17 shopping carts in January, assisted with a cleanup at the City-owned property on Awani Drive, and worked with Union Pacific officers about trespassing on railroad property.

Teen Scene: The Library’s new Teen Scene is being unveiled at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The project was funded through a combination of donations and City dollars. State Senator Cathleen Galgiani will be attending the event.

Speed limit: The Manager and PRCS Director met Tuesday with several County officials, including Sheriff Moore, to discuss the City Council’s request for a temporary 5 mph boating speed limit on the Mokelumne River adjacent to Lodi Lake Park. The request is for a five-year speed limit to allow the City to gather funding for a project that would protect the park from further river erosion. The Sheriff indicated he would need the City to renew the enforcement partnership with the County to enforce the limit. We are gathering additional information, but feel the Council’s 2016 request is now moving forward.

Park restrooms: We were able to move up our scheduled date to have our new park maintenance workers begin weekend duties in light of the unseasonably sunny and warm weather. We typically close most of our restrooms during winter months, but due to staffing constraints, more restrooms were closed this winter. Many thanks to Park Maintenance Workers Derrick Spagnola and Joe Martinez, who joined us in December, for their willingness to begin their weekend schedule a few weeks early.

Refinance: The Northern California Power Agency is moving forward with plans to refinance debt issued for hydroelectric projects. The refunding is expected to save Lodi Electric approximately $133,000 a year for its share of the debt.

Fire response: Blue Shield had to be evacuated for approximately two hours on Wednesday due to a fire suppression system activation in the server room on the first floor after a fluorescent light fixture malfunctioned. Crews had to ventilate the building before letting employees back in.

Alcohol training: Lodi Police hosted an LEAD (Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs) training class in the Community Room on Wednesday. The LEAD program, developed by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, is a free, voluntary prevention and education program for retail licensees, their employees and applicants. Information for the class and how to register was posted on Facebook as well as the ABC website. In all, 29 local business owners/employees attended the class and it was well received.

Gang activity: Police reported three gang-related incidents in January, two of them involving firearms. This continues the downward trend we have seen in recent years.

Bungling Burglar: As swing shift officers were cleaning out their patrol vehicles at the end of shift early Sunday, a male subject was observed trespassing in the LPD back lot near the B.A.T.T. Upon seeing the officers, the subject fled west through the lot and climbed over the wall towards Elm Street. Pursuing officers caught up to the subject and arrested him without incident. A 22-year-old man was booked for trespassing and public intoxication. There was no indication that anything had been tampered with in the LPD back lot.


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