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Weekly Update
City Council

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City Manager Steve Schwabauer's
Weekly Update
Friday, June 16, 2017 


Big win: PRCS was notified this week that it will be awarded an $882,340 State grant to renovate a large portion of Blakely Park. The 2016 California Youth Soccer and Recreation Development Program grant will reconstruct the baseball/softball diamonds on the north half of the park, provide for a soccer field between seasons, install new irrigation and a booster pump, and reconstruct a basketball court at the southwest corner of the park. There were 166 applications totaling $135 million in requests, with Lodi one of 25 applicants awarded a portion of the $16 million available. The funding is contingent upon adoption of the State budget. Combined with $150,000 proposed in CDBG funding to renovate the Enze Pool, Blakely Park will see more than $1 million in upgrades in the coming years.

Language help: Thanks to the combined efforts of Julia Tyack and Tiffani Butorovich, the Public Works Department has started Citywide training in the City’s new “Language Line” program. Language Line is a telephone based interpretation service for non-English speaking persons and accommodates a wide variety of foreign languages. The service is proving to be very easy to use and has been very well received by City staff. The training is scheduled to wrap up by the end of next week and numerous City departments are already beginning to implement the service. We are confident Language Line will prove valuable towards enhancing the City’s level of service for our non-English speaking customers.

Homeless help: San Joaquin County’s “Homeward Bound” proposal has been awarded $6 million over a 38-month grant period. The program seeks to create community-based mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs, expanded social services and housing support for non-serious, non-violent offenders. Homeward Bound will blend Proposition 47 grant funding with other related funding to create behavioral assessment and treatment centers.

Thank you! Here are Marsha and Marie (last names not revealed) on their daily Nature Area walk to pick up garbage. Many thanks for their volunteer spirit!

Card keys: We have added electric card readers on many of our doors in the civic center to provide better control of secured areas, after experiencing a high level of nuisance entries to these facilities.

City Manager: The manager will be out next week, with the exception of Wednesday’s City Council meeting. With Deputy City Manager Keys off as well, Public Works Director Charlie Swimley will oversee day-to-day operations.

Promotion: Travis Kahrs has been promoted to Water Plant Superintendent. Travis has been with the City of Lodi and an operator of the water treatment facility since 2012. Along with his recent promotion, Travis has recently passed his Water Treatment Certification Grade 5 examination. The T5 certification is the highest available in California. Travis is now one of approximately 450 certified operators in the entire state. T5 certified operators can operate (or supervise the operation) of any water treatment facility regardless of size or complexity.

July break: With no City Council meeting scheduled on July 5, the upcoming meeting on Wednesday will be our last regular meeting until July 19.


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