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About Animal Services

Lodi Animal Services is a full-service division that offers the community many valuable programs and services.  Lodi Animal Services provides Field Response, Shelter Operations and Administration of the Animal Shelter.

Field Response

Animal Service Officers answer thousands of calls each year from people reporting or needing help with stray, injured, lost, dead, nuisance or dangerous animals.  The Animal Service Officers (ASOs) prioritize the calls and respond to the location where they do their best to resolve the various situations that occur each day.

ASOs conduct the following field services:

  • Patrol the city on a daily basis
  • Enforce all animal control laws and investigate all reports of animal abuse
  • Pick up stray animals
  • Respond to animal-related emergencies
  • Rescue animals in distress
  • Transport injured or sick stray animals to receive emergency vet car (day or night)
  • Follow-up on citizen complaints
  • File bite reports and quarantine suspect animals



Shelter Operations


More than two thousand animals are brought to the Lodi Animal Shelter each year.  The kennel staff, Animal Service Officers and dedicated volunteers work together to create an orderly and caring environment to best serve both the animals and the community.

Trained shelter personnel conduct the following services:

  • Provide food, water, shelter, medical care and a clean and comfortable environment for all shelter animals
  • Provide basic health screening for all animals including a preventative disease control program
  • Vaccinate domestic shelter animals against diseases
  • Adopt out stray, unwanted and abandoned animals
  • Humanely euthanize animals the shelter cannot place
  • Provide adoption and behavior counseling
  • Provide information and education on pet owner/guardian responsibility and care
  • Maintain records on all shelter animals


Administrative Services


Animal Services Officers, with the assistance of volunteers, perform a wide range of integral duties, including:

  • Overseeing all financing, budgets and databases
  • Selling dog and cat licenses
  • Recruiting, training and coordinating volunteers
  • Publicizing and promoting shelter animals
  • Implementing specialized Shelter programs
  • Handling community and press inquiries



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