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Thank You

This page is dedicated to the special people that made Storm Drain Detectives and this web site project possible.

Dominic Gregorio, The Clean Team, Central Valley Region of State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Quality

Andy Christensen, Woodbridge Irrigation District General Manager 

Lodi City Council- 2000-2001

Revital Katznelson, Ph.D., SWRCB

Steven Clark, Toxicologist with Eco Risk

Chris Pincetish, UC Davis Ph.D. Candidate, Toxicologist Training Sponsor

Yuba Grant

City of Lodi

Richard C. Prima, Jr., Public Works Director

Fran Forkas, Water/ Wastewater Superintendent

Frank Beeler, Assistant Water/ Wastewater Superintendent

Mike Schafer, White Slough Lab Services Supervisor

Tom Evans, Street Supervisor

Kelsey Cardoni, Web Site Coordinator

Janet Hamilton, Management Analyst

H. Dixon Flynn, City Manager


Barry Marson, Chemistry- Tokay HS, Team Leader- 2000-present

Christina Fugazi, Marine Biology-  Tokay HS, Team Leader- 2000-02

Harry Stoner, Sr. Project Coordinator- Tokay HS, 2000-02

Julie Thompson, Sr. Project Coordinator- Lodi HS, 2000-present

Nancy Ballot, Lodi HS, Biology teacher- 2002-present

Dan Wyrick, Team Leader- Independent Science Teacher, 2000-01

Jeff Marxmiller, Chemistry-  Lodi Academy, Team Leader- 20001-present

Jamie Howen, Team Leader- Jim Elliot Christian HS, 2000-0

Tom Bray-  Chemistry- Jim Elliot Christian HS,  Team Leader- 2001-present

Dana Stroud, 6th grade,  Joe Serna Elementary Charter School, Team Leader- 2001-02

Teresa Vail- Chemistry-  Tokay HS, Team Leader- 2001-present

Jennifer Robinson- Chemistry, Tokay HS, Team Leader- 2002-present

Marcie Lane, One. Charter School, SJC Office of Education, Team Leader- 2002-present


Adult Team Leaders ('01-'02)

Glenn O'Dell, 2001-02

Norm Walker, 2001-present


Cooperating Property Owners

Shirlene Clark - 2000-01

Vaccarezza Family - 2000- present

Grisch Family- 2001-present

Mokelumne River Homeowners Association- 2001-present

Willow Glenn Homeowners Association- 2002-present

Woodbridge Irrigation District- 2000-present

Virginia Rippy- 2000-01

Harold Kundert- 2000-2001

Arilee Pollard- 2001- present







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