Storm Drain Detectivesest. 2000

City of Lodi Public Works Department Teams Up With The Local Community to Study Local Storm Water Pollution


"Dirty streets make our river dirty!  Clean streets help keep our river clean!"

The Storm Drain Detectives' Purpose:

 Rainfall on the City Lodi's streets is engineered to do  one of two things: it either flows directly into the Mokelumne River or into the Woodbridge Irrigation Dam canal system.  Which is a perfect world, wouldn't be a problem.  But, in the real world, with  the rain goes al our street pollution, unfiltered!

 The Storm Drain Detectives are a group of teachers, students, and community members in partnership with the City of Lodi that have come together to monitor the effect of storm drain run off that flows from Lodiís streets and drains into Lodi Lake and the Mokelumne River. Using water quality tests, visual assessments, and toxicity tests, the Storm Drain Detectives collect and record data to analyze the effects that storm drain run off has on Lodiís waterways. These programs have been developed in cooperation with the State Water Resources Control Board. A citizen monitoring quality assurance project plan (QAPP), was approved by the Sate Board in 2002.

Lodi Lake, actually an oxbow of the adjoining Mokelumne River, is drained for flood control, in winter Lodi Lake handles much of the City's storm water from local streets

 The first year, 2000-2001, sites tested were different than the second year's sites ('01-'02). Revisions were made to better isolate several large storm drains and more accurately measure their effects on the river.  Sites for the 2002-2003 school year remained the same, except for the addition of a 7A site, which is on the eastern edge of Lodi Lake, just above storm drain # 12. Maps and descriptions of each  year can be found under Lodi Storm Drain Map


For additional information, please contact the City of Lodi's Assistant Water/Wastewater Superintendent Frank Beeler at, or (209) 333-6740.