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Measure L on Lodi ballot Nov. 6

Half-cent sales tax would preserve city services

vote 2018Background: The City of Lodi has a responsibility to provide the public services and facilities essential to
community safety and quality of life. The City of Lodi has worked hard in recent years to protect key measures of quality of life that residents tell us they value—safe neighborhoods, help in an emergency,
decent roads, and more. Our goal is to maintain this level of service and keep pace with the service demands of a growing city, while also being fiscally responsible. In order to do so, Measure L, a sales tax
measure, has been filed for the November 6, 2018 ballot to help maintain and protect the services Lodi residents value most.

Measure L defined: On June 20, 2018, the Lodi City Council voted unanimously to call for a city sales tax election on the November 6, 2018 ballot. Measure L seeks authorization for a sales tax to provide needed revenue to return essential public services to pre-recession levels, maintain existing city services, and provide key improvements to City of Lodi public facilities and infrastructure. Measure L requires a simple majority (50%+) to pass. A “YES vote” approves funding for the plan to restore and maintain city services;
a “NO vote” rejects the plan. All Lodi voters registered by October 22 are eligible to vote on Measure L.

Measure Summary / 75-Word Ballot Question: “To make neighborhoods safer, maintain/improve essential City of Lodi services including: reducing crime; maintaining neighborhood police patrols/gang violence intervention/ prevention; fixing potholes/city streets; maintaining neighborhood fire stations; enhancing rapid police/fire response times by restoring firefighter and adding police positions; maintaining recreation facilities/programs; and other general fund purposes; shall the City of Lodi measure enacting
an ongoing half cent local sales tax, providing $5,400,000 annually, with independent citizen oversight, and funds spent locally, be adopted?”

Measure L will:
• Maintain neighborhood police patrols and gang violence interventions to help reduce crime
• Improve emergency 911 rapid response times by restoring firefighter and adding police positions
• Fix potholes and maintain city streets
• Repair/upgrade Lodi Lake Park and our trail system, and maintain recreation facilities/programs
• Provide homelessness solutions, including both intervention services and enforcement.

Additional Measure L Facts:
• ALL Measure L funds (100%) must be used for City of Lodi services and facilities only.
• These funds must stay locally controlled IN Lodi – FOR Lodi.
• By law, the State CANNOT take Measure L funding away.
• NO Measure L funds can be used for city administrators’ salaries.
• Basic necessities like groceries and prescription medications WON’T be taxed.
• Visitors will pay their fair share of Measure L to help support Lodi city services.
• Independent financial audits and regular public reporting ensure spending as voters intended.

For more info contact: Andrew Keys, Deputy City Mgr., Email: akeys@lodi.gov / Ph: (209) 333-6800, ext. 2652.

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