Public Library Trustee Position Description

Trustees are accountable to the taxpayers, Lodi City Council, and the people served by the Library.


  • Establishes policies and long-term goals for the library
  • Oversees the general operation of the library
  • Initiates and oversees the budget process
  • Promotes and advocates for the library in the community
  • Hires and evaluates the library director


  • Attends all board meetings and participates appropriately
  • Prepares for board meetings by reading board minutes and other materials sent out before the board meeting Serves on committees as assigned by the board president Lends expertise and leadership to the board for the good of the library
  • Establishes library policies and reviews them on an annual basis, updating as needed Strives for adequate funding levels for library operations and maintains a clear picture of the library's financial situation
  • Advises in budget preparation Represents the library at local budget hearings Regularly reviews financial reports of current income and expenses
  • Becomes informed about the services offered by the library and promotes these services in the community
    Establishes an ongoing public relations program
  • Cooperates in the creation and presentation of an annual report to the governing body and the public
  • Encourages ongoing strategic planning Employs a competent library director who is responsible for the daily operation of the library Regularly evaluates the performance of the library director, taking action if appropriate
  • Adheres to the Ralph M. Brown Act regarding meetings of public boards, commissions and councils, etc. (California Government Code Title 5, Division 2, Part 1, Chapter 9, Section 54950-54962)
  • Supports basic library tenants such as Intellectual Freedom, Freedom to Read, Confidentiality of Patron Records, Library Bill of Rights and the Public's Right to Information Becomes a ware of local, state and federal library laws and issues, taking action when appropriate
  • Participates in Library Legislative Day Contacts local and state elected official as needed
  • Abides by majority decisions reached by the Board and publicly supports these decisions
  • Follows the established chain of command for effecting change, working through the director

More Information

If you wish to serve on the Lodi Public Library Board of Trustees, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 209-333-6702.