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Virtual Classes

Computer Education: Creative Brain Learning

Instructor: Creative Brain Learning

Ages: 7-15 years

Fees:     Resident              $65-$200

                Non-Resident    $69-$204


Computer Coding

Coding with Scratch Live Virtual Class and Camp, powered by Creative Brain Learning. Learn how to code in just a few lessons, and create your own interactive projects! Sign up now! Space is limited.


Video Game Design 

You play them? Now make them. Have fun learning how to create your very own 3D video games and share your completed games with the world.


MIT App Inventor

Join this LIVE Virtual class to invent and learn how to create apps for Android devices with MIT App Inventor. You will learn how to use this cool coding platform to turn your ideas for apps into reality, maybe even sell your apps! Perfect for ages 10 and above.


Build A Bot Workshop

This LIVE Virtual BUILD-A-BOT WORKSHOP is excellent for the younger robot builder.  Learn, build, modify and play!  All of the robot kits used for this workshop are included in the tuition price!

If you can cut, fold, glue and like assembling different parts, you are the perfect creator for our fun robotic creatures. No technology is required.


Computer Animation Camp

Learn about the technique of animation and create your very own animated short movies in this fun visual arts camp! Programs are created in the browser, works on all computers.


Electrical Engineer Workshop

Calling all young Electronics engineers!

Learn to work with one of the most popular circuit boards to engineer and program everything from blinking LED lights to motors and sensors. Electrical Engineering Kit included!


Roblox Studio Camp

Create anything you can imagine with Roblox’s immersive video game engine!

Roblox’s Studios creative features are accessible to a variety of skills levels ranging from novice to experienced programmer. Tools range from simple manipulation of objects or terrain, to entering complex scripts and game functions.

Learn Roblox with Creative Brain Learning and start creating your own games today!

Robotics Camps

Creative Brain Robotics Camp offers an in-depth exploration of robotics, electronics, engineering, creativity and innovation. Participants will design robots and program them to perform specific tasks. Blue Brain Robotics Kit included!


Science of Music Camp

Did you know that music is all about physics? Discover the “science” in music, plus build your own cardboard instruments and create music in this mind-blowing and fun music and science experience! All supplies included.


Artist Workshop I & II

Explore the techniques of famous painters and learn how to recreate some of their most famous paintings and create your very own art in the style of these painters. The instructor will send a list of materials to participants prior to the first day of class. Most items are things you will have at home.

Music: Guitar Fundamentals

Instructor: Travis Vega

Ages: 10+ years


Students, beginners to intermediate, will concentrate on chords, chord positions, progressions, scales, lead patterns, rhythm and basic music theory. Students will explore guitar theory, music composition and vocal theory. This course will ignite the songwriters within! Students are recommended to purchase the book “Fretboard Logic S.E.Vol 1&2” online, please discuss your options with the instructor. Students should bring their guitar to every lesson; either acoustic or electric is okay. Students also should plan to practice at least one hour three times a week at home. The instructor has four guitars for rent that are available for use only during lesson time.

Performing Arts: Belly Dance

Instructor: Norene Austin

Ages: 12+ years

Fees: R$55/NR$59


Belly Dance: Beginning/Intermediate

Get Your Shimmy On! Fusion style belly dance, blending traditional standard movements with new tribal styles. You will learn basic to intermediate movements, choreography, combinations, shimmies, costume hints, and much more about today’s belly dance world.  Join us in our ongoing exploration of this ancient dance form and its myriad of modern styles. For all women without restrictions on age, height, weight or previous dance experience. Perfect for newbies or returning dancers!


Belly Dance: Advanced/Troupe

This class is for the experienced belly dancer. Advanced movements, techniques, combinations, and choreography are for individual and troupe dancers. Troupe dancers are selected from this class. Teacher permission is required for new students prior to registration. This class laps with the Beginning class which starts at 5:30pm. The first 50 minutes will serve as a warm-up and skills training for advanced students. Students enrolled in this class have the option of arriving at 6:20pm.

Visual Arts: Drawing

Instructor: Young Rembrandts

Ages: 5-12 years

Fees: R$59/NR$63


Elementary & Cartoon Drawing

Young Rembrandts elementary age curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills in a combination with creating silly characters, funny expressions and drawing sequences, art techniques and vocabulary. We believe that drawing is the bedrock skill required for future artistic success. We give them skills to express their creativity, and believe that all children can - and should - learn to draw. We teach new lessons each week in a positive and nurturing environment, which brings out the best in each child. You will see increased art abilities, learning skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem. 


Instructor: Young Rembrandts

Ages: 5-12 years

Fees: R$107/NR$111


Anime & Manga Drawing Workshop

Why sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons when you can draw amazing characters and awesome scenes of your very own? Join us for five, action-packed days as Young Rembrandts hosts a wonderful Anime and Manga Drawing Workshop. Our students will create dazzling illustrations that are influenced by popular Japanese anime and manga themes. Colorful characters with expressive personalities jump off of the page. Our students will be delighted as we create drawings that emulate the popular anime and manga art styles. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to produce wonderful artwork. Sign up today!

Outdoor Classes

Fitness: Tai Chi

Instructor: Brenda Norris

Location: HSS West Park

Ages: 18+ years

Fees: R$51/NR$55


Tai Chi for Wellness

Tai Chi involves basic breathing techniques, very gentle non-strenuous movements help to reduce stress, manage pain, promote relaxation, improve concentration, increase energy, heal the body and quiet the mind. Wear comfortable clothing. This class is in a group setting


Sports: Tennis


Instructor: Titus & Vince Tabotabo

Location: Kofu Park, Tennis Court

Ages: 7+ years

Fees: R$67/NR$71


Tennis – Beginners

Beginners will perform a 10-minute warm up, then a 10-minute introduction to tennis teaching philosophy will be explained, followed by a 20-minute technical skills training. Students must bring their own water, tennis racquet, wear comfortable clothing. 


Instructor: Titus & Vince Tabotabo

Location: Kofu Park, Tennis Court

Ages: 10+ years

Fees: R$67/NR$71


Tennis – Advanced

Students will be performing tennis-training, conditioning, game play training based according to their level of play and needs. The goal of this class is to be able to produce a highly effective and competitive tennis player using the training philosophy from the instructors of TaboTabo Tennis Academy.

Become a Program Instructor and share your talents with the community!

We are always looking to promote health, fun and lifelong learning.  Call 209-333-6782 for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a Program Instructor you will need:

  • Cleared background check
  • Insurance
  • City of Lodi Business License
  • W-9
  • Class proposal and Resume
  • References
  • Provide your own equipment and supplies
  • A quarterly class schedule