Animal Shelter Project

The City of Lodi endeavors to construct a modern Animal Shelter facility to support community needs we are unable to serve with the current shelter. The City has partnered with veterinarians from the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program and architects from LDA Partners to design a facility that will reduce stress on employees and animals, improve animal care, and promote adoptions.

During the initial design and review stages, the City has the choice between a number of potential sites for the new shelter. The public is invited to participate in giving feedback on site selection (See schedule of meetings for details). 

The current Animal Shelter has served the Lodi community since 1958.  Animal care standards have changed dramatically since and the current facility no longer meets the standards of our community for animal care or for our employees.  The original building received an addition in 1983 and has not been updated for nearly 40 years, despite the significant growth of the City.  The current facility is approximately 2,800 square feet and is situated on a quarter-acre parcel along busy Kettleman Lane.

DogAnimal ShelterCat

The shelter is cramped, with office and exam rooms doubling as a cat room.  The facility is commonly at 100% capacity leaving no room for additional intake.  Dog kennels face each other, causing excessive barking and stress on the animals.  The facility is dark with little to no natural light and inadequate ventilation.  Quarantining sick animals is challenging, and there is little room for the public to come meet animals for potential adoptions.  

Professional reviews conducted in 2018 and 2022 recommend the City build at least a 10,000 square foot facility (nearly four times the size of the current one) on a two-acre lot (eight times the size of the current lot).  Experts agree that the animal service officers have maximized care in the existing facility, but that it does not meet today’s demands.  

Upcoming Meetings and Important Dates

April 12, 2022 from 5-7pm
Community Meeting in the Rick Cromwell Community Room at the Lodi Police Department (215 W. Elm St.)

  • Presentation by LDA Partners Architecture and Design to provide an overview of the facility, proposed features, site and building schematics, and site locations.
  • The community will have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the information provided 

View presentation from LDA Partners below: 

April 26, 2022 at 7am
Shirtsleeve Meeting with City Council (informational meeting) at Carnegie Forum (305 W. Pine Street)

  • City staff and LDA Partners Architecture and Design will present considered site locations and recommendations
  • City staff will share community feedback from April 12 meeting
  • City Council may offer feedback on site selection and facility features in order to finalize the scope of design services and anticipated construction costs

May 18, 2022 at 7pm
City Council Regular Meeting at Carnegie Forum (305 W. Pine Street)

  • Presentation summary of the outreach process, feedback from April 12 community meeting, proposed design elements, recommended site location and cost estimates
Dog KennelAnimal Services Exam Room

Animal Shelter Proposed Site Locations:


Current Property
1345 West Kettleman Lane
  • Option to rehabilitate the current location
  • Would require a 2-story building
  • Minimal parking
  • Footprint fails to meet recommendations from animal shelter architects and veterinarians
Current Animal Shelter
22 East Locust Street
  • .79 acres - insufficient according to both studies
  • L shaped parcel provides site challenges
  • Adjacent to train tracks would cause added stress to animals
22 East Locust
Century/Stockton St.
  • Adjacent to major roadways 
  • Near train tracks would cause added stress to animals
  • Near park and residential areas
  • Irregular shape
  • Would create a permanent blockage on Century between Stockton and Church St.
  • 3-acre parcel
Century/Stockton St.
500 Guild Ave.
  • Approximately 9 acres 
  • Site of previously planned shelter in 2003
  • Minimal to no impact on local businesses or residences
  • Nearest major thoroughfare - Victor Rd.
  • Room for expansion of Police Department evidence and vehicle storage

500 South Guild
 1041 Auto Center Drive
  • Close to 99/Kettleman for ease of access 
  • 4.5-acre parcel
  • Adjacent to basin and park for future projects
  • Minimal to no impact on local businesses 
  • Room for expansion of Police Department evidence and vehicle storage