Lodi Centennial Celebration: 1906-2006

May 26-29
Wall Dogs and Wine Stroll

May 28
Wall Dogs Fundraiser Dinner

Welcome to 100 Years of Lodi!

In October 1906 a petition signed by 85 people living in the town of Lodi was presented to the County Board of Supervisors requesting that an election be held to incorporate Lodi and elect a five member Board of Trustees, a Clerk, a Treasurer, and a Marshal.  The election took place in November – and on December 6, 1906 the incorporation documents were filed with the Secretary of State.

Lodi’s Centennial in 2006 presents a rare opportunity to reflect on the past 100 years... to celebrate the City, build a sense of community, reinforce its identity, and pay tribute to our roots, our home, and our hope for the future.

We plan to have a year long Centennial celebration of both City and community sponsored events and strongly encourage all citizens, businesses, and civic organizations to get involved.  Consider adopting the Centennial theme for your annual events throughout 2006 or create a new community activity or program to bring awareness to this significant moment in our history.

Sponsors and volunteers are needed at all levels to make Lodi’s Centennial celebration live up to the expectations that those first 85 petitioners likely had for Lodi in October 1906.  

Please contact the City Clerk’s Office if you would like to be a part of Lodi’s Centennial celebration. 

From The Mayor...

As Mayor of the "Zinfandel Capital of the World," I would like to invite everyone to join us in celebrating Lodi's Centennial.  On December 6, 2006, Lodi turns 100 years old.  The City of Lodi, along with many community volunteers, organizations, and sponsors, will host events and activities throughout the year, leading up to the anniversary celebration in December.

 - Susan Hitchcock, Mayor of Lodi